Dot Drug Test South Bound Brook

Drug Test South Bound Brook

If you have a safety-sensitive job, you have a hand in your own and other people’s safety. Examples of safety-sensitive duties include driving busses, repairing pipelines, and flying airplanes. To be at your best, you cannot have illegal drugs and alcohol in your system. A DOT drug test near South Bound Brook can reassure your employer you are clean.

Why a DOT Drug Test?

You may need a DOT drug test near South Bound Brook if you have just been hired and are going to start a job that involves being a CMV driver. You could also need an initial drug test if your current job duties are increasing to include a Another reason for taking your first DOT drug test South Bound Brook is if your company is expanding and you are now driving across state boundaries instead of staying within your state. That puts you under federal jurisdiction, which means you must comply with DOT regulations rather than just state ones.

If you have a long career as an interstate CMV driver, you will probably get more than one drug test in the course of your working life. It is normal to have a test when getting back to work after a failed test, and to continue to have multiple drug tests for several months after returning to work. Should you be unlucky enough to be in an accident, you will probably be tested. Finally, your employer may request a test upon reasonable suspicion of policy violation or as part of a random protocol.

A Quick and Convenient DOT Drug Test near South Bound Brook

Astrahealth has the facilities and know-how to keep drug tests from being cumbersome. You can schedule appointments at convenient times for you, and the testing procedure is quick and discrete. You just need a urine sample, which we analyze within 72 hours. We can do a second test in case of a false positive before sending the results to your employer.

To schedule your DOT drug test near South Bound Brook, please contact Astrahealth today.