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If you’re a safety-sensitive employee – namely a flight crew member, air traffic controller, truck driver or other Department of Transportation (DOT) employee – you are subject to a drug test when you apply for your job. Fortunately, it’s easy to get your DOT drug test at Astrahealth Centers.

The purpose of drug tests is to ensure you aren’t endangering yourself, your coworkers or the general public while on the job. As a transportation employee, you hold the safety of others in your hands every day. Being drug-free is very important to employers, so it’s essential that you submit to a drug test when required.

A DOT drug test analyzes one of two urine samples for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines (including meth), opiates (including heroin, codeine and morphine) and phencyclidine (PCP). It does not assess your consumption of over-the-counter drugs, which are allowed as long as the medicine is doctor-prescribed and administered correctly.

Expect the need to have a DOT drug test at Astrahealth Centers performed during the pre-employment process. You may be asked again under the following conditions:

  • Reasonable suspicious
  • At random
  • Return-to-duty
  • Follow-up
  • Post-accident

After having your DOT drug test at Astrahealth Centers, you may be asked to sit down with the Medical Review Officer (MRO) to go over the results of your test. It’s the MRO’s job to determine if a positive, adulterated or substituted lab result is acceptable for any legitimate medical reason.

Upon notice of the results, you have 72 hours to request the second urine sample being tested by another certified laboratory. Once your final results are confirmed, the MRO sends the results to your employer.

To schedule your DOT drug test at Astrahealth Centers and secure your job in the transportation industry, please contact us today.